10mm brass

Brass Reloading Works For Those Who Know How To Shoot Straight

10mm brass

As straight as an arrow. The straight and the narrow. Most avid gunsmiths will be familiar with these wordings by now. So too, all the legal, law-abiding citizens and collectors who are all proud members of none other than the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the most formidable, austere and oldest institutions in the country.

Law abiding law enforcement officers and voluntary servicemen and women, on the other hand, may not be too considerate of these old sayings, even though they are living and breathing exemplars of it. They have their hands full, even at the best of times, protecting men, women and children from around the country and, indeed, from around the world.

All things being equal, every astute and responsible gun handler should be quite familiar with the 10mm brass reloader. That is to say that they are collectors of once fired rifle and pistol brass. They will also have a keen interest in Hornady and Nosler bullets. Law enforcement agencies, no doubt, will be relying on the commercial aspect of brass reloading work. There are matters of honor and pomp and ceremony to see to, all in keeping with upholding the nation’s proud heritage of being one of the most secure and prosperous nations on earth.

It may not have been possible without all their loyal and brace years of service. No doubt, the recreational reloading community will continue to express a fine appreciation for all their self-sacrificing work. The collectors have their eyes on 38 special brass and the 357 Magnum. They’ll also have a keen interest in Nosler’s customized brass, as well as the materiel provided by Remington and Winchester.

That is about all that is going to be said about living and being able to shoot straight.

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